• Shipyard & Vessel Evaluations
  • Establish Communication Protocols
  • Project Planning
  • Concept/Project Development
  • Specification, General Arrangement and Contract Review
  • Technical Drawing & Schematic Review
  • Re-drawing Of Schematics & Drawings Where Required
  • Review of Builders Schedule In Conjunction With Contractual Milestone Payments
  • Review Subcontractor Contracts & Payment Terms
  • Review & Negotiation Of Letter Of Intent (LOI) With Clients Legal Team (If Required)
  • Review & Negotiation Of Contract Of
  • Construction With Clients Legal Team
MAVI MARINE will provide a qualified supervision team with expertise and experience in Superyacht construction, refit and operations. Our team will guide you through the entire process from refit specification; GA and drawing reviews and amendments: right through to completion and warranty. In order to better understand our approach we divide the process into two main readily definable sections namely: Pre-Contract Signature Services & Post-Contract Signature Services.


  • Establish communication protocols
  • Project Planning
  • Concept/Project Development
  • Shipyard & Vessel Evaluations
  • Specification, General Arrangement and Contract Review
  • Technical Drawing and schematic review
  • Re-drawing of schematics and drawings where required
  • Review of Builders Schedule in conjunction with contractual milestone payments
  • Review Subcontractor contracts and payment terms
  • Review and negotiation of Letter of Intent (LOI) with clients legal team (if required)
  • Review and negotiation of contract of construction with clients legal team


  • Full time/part time onsite management as required
  • Plan Approval and redrawing as required
  • Ensure shipyard is building as per the executed contract, specification and drawings. If not ensure any changes are agreed, reported and recorded
  • Reporting to owner/builder then tracking & rectification of all report defects
  • Milestone payment & builder stage verification
  • Cost control and budgeting including Owner Supply/Owner Decision Schedules
  • Classification Society and Regulatory Oversight
  • Documentation management and administration services
  • Attendance, oversight and approval of all Tests & Trials (both dock and sea)
  •  Post Delivery Warrant Support

Refitting a yacht can be a daunting and stressful experience, which is why successful refits are overseen by a knowledgeable and qualified project manager.

MAVI MARINE has the skills, expertise and experience to act as this link between the shipyard and the client, ensuring the efficient and smooth refit of your yacht.

Our expertise is highly valued for refits, refurbishments and repairs on vessels built else where. Once again, our engineering assets and technological skills are second to none.Many a glamorous yacht has undergone often significant upgrading with our refit management teams, with major improvements to the structure, systems, interiors and drive chains.

Services and expertise include: full design and engineering office, structural work in steel, aluminium and composite, stainless steel work, engines & propulsion installation and maintenance, shafts alignment and propeller adjustment, steering, stabilizers, thrusters, hydraulics, electric and electronic systems, plumbing & piping, environmental systems, heating and air-conditioning, fire & safety systems, teak decks, painting.

Serving as this knowledgeable and professional liaison, our Project Managers will propose suitable refit yards, suppliers, designers, contractors and specialists and work with these third parties to ensure a successful outcome of the refit project.

 Services available include:

  • Pre-planning and assessment of work
  • Appraisal and selection of suitable repair yards
  • Obtaining quotes, costing and financial control
  • Technical advice
  • Purchasing and logistical assistance Provision of specialist contractors
  • Full-attendance project management
  • Class and Flag State involvement in repairs and modifications

A yacht can only be as good as its support.

For more information on how MAVI MARINE can assist you with your yacht refit, please get in touch with Us.


MAVI MARINE Survey Team consist of having diploma and certifications from the international Universities and Maritime Academies

✓ MTA Dip YachtSurv Diploma in Yacht & Small Craft Survey recognized by Univer. of Portsmouth, Maritime Academy, U.K.
✓ MTA Dip SYMGT Diploma in Superyacht Management recognized by Univer. of Portsmouth, Maritime Academy, U.K.

The actual types of survey that are normally carried out can include:

  • Sale and purchase
  • Full structural
  • Hull and bulkheads
  • General condition
  • Condition and valuation
  • Valuation
  • Survey for insurance
  • Survey for finance
  • Damage surveys
  • Risk assessments
  • Classification
  • Code compliance
  • Simplified tonnage measurement


Naval Architecture
Structural Design
3D Piping & Outfitting

MAVI MARINE have state-of-the-art engineering. Every detail is thought through and tested so that the framework behind the luxury is absolutely reliable. On this framework we integrate the most exquisite finery, the most spectacular effects and the most innovative systems.

We can include them all because of our thorough understanding and exhaustive testing of engineering principles. Using industry-leading design programs our engineers and naval architects create 3D designs, updated in real time.

Every part of the technical team can log into the same data, achieving a reduction in total building time and improvement of quality for the final output.

Working in close collaboration with world’s foremost naval architects, our in-house experts have total control of the build process from concept to launch. MAVI MARINE offers a broad range of tested platforms on which various projects can be based.

A series of tank and propeller tests with programmes designed to analyse the performance, wave keeping and handling qualities on  yachts.

In co-operation with the relevant Classification Society, tests are conducted in a deep-water basin as well as depressurised towing tank.

Complementing our in-house design team, MAVI MARINE works with the world’s most renowned designers. More than ever before, the complexity of design, exotic materials and superior standards, stretch the boundaries of what can be managed.

MAVI MARINE is one of the very few project management company able to cope and even excel with such a challenge. We actively seek innovative and unusual projects and recent launches prove our ability to fuse luxury interior craftsmanship with complex exterior engineering.

MAVI MARINE is designed to have a timeless appeal. Creating an iconic yacht of which an owner can be proud of, is very much part of the design brief we managed.